Night Snorkeling – Discover The Wonders Of Snorkeling At Night

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Snorkeling during the night can be quite exciting. This Hanauma bay snorkeling activity is actually my favorite type of snorkeling. The one other activity which may surpass it, in my opinion, is night scuba diving as a result of the fact that you have more chances to dive more deeply, otherwise night snorkeling still gives you exactly the same adrenalin buzz.

So why would anybody make an attempt to snorkel at night? It may seem strange and intimidating. Anyone who has tried it will tell you that there’s a different world yet to be found.

The mystery of snorkeling at night is going to provide you with a brand new view on your favorite snorkeling web site that might have lost its day time charm. At first you will feel somewhat anxious… everybody does, its only organic, however as soon as you get used to it, you will automatically replace the anxiety of yours with excitement, curiosity and a feeling of adventure.

At dusk, you will encounter aquatic life that you seldom see during the day, making sightseeing different from what you would generally notice during day time. At night the reefs become alive with the various fauna.

There are a number of aquatic creatures that just don’t come out in the day time. Nocturnal creatures like lobsters and shrimps become active, coral polyps open up during the night to feed giving the reef a colorful and fuzzy type of look.

You will additionally encounter encountering luminescence microscopic plankton which in turn generates light flashes if disturbed. Should you encounter such an encounter, turn off your flashlight and wave your hands through the water. This can provide you with an unforgettable experience as you will notice “sparks” igniting around you.. It’s a good sensation… Try it, you are going to be in for a surprise.

Before entering the water – what equipment do I need to have?

Safe snorkeling is a requirement, especially when you are snorkeling at night. Therefore be positive that before conducting your night snorkel you are well equipped for the job. The big difference to snorkeling during the morning is the fact that snorkeling at night needs additional tools plus more preparation and planning.